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My ideal fresher candidate

A fictional snapshot of my ideal fresher candidate applying for a Logistics position in a Freight company:

1.He is an expert in the knowledge of Continents, Countries and Ports.

2.He knows Incoterms.

3.He has knowledge of export and import process flows.

4.He knows the right tools to find out comparative liner schedules and services.

5.He can compute freight calculations and chargeable weights with ease and accuracy.

6. He is aware of various logistics cost components at various stages of the shipment.

7.He can process information related to shipping query from the customer based on :

a. locations.

b. product.

c. mode.

d. costs.

e. shipping documents.

8.He has negotiation skills .

9.He is familiar with Industry terms and jargons.

10.Analytical Thinking, Problem solving,Organizing capabilities and Communication skills at its best.

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