ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT COURSE using the online platform which provides one central point of access for all Assessments, Learning Resources, and Data Analysis.


STAGE 1: E-learning platform for Initial assessment and skill checks

STAGE 2: Interactive Tutor sessions

STAGE 3: Lifelong learning plan


*Initial Assessment – determines current ability from pre-entry to level 2

*Diagnostic Assessment – identifies skill gaps and produces customized learning plan

*Learning resources – fill the skill gaps

*Progress check – assesses a learner’s progress at the end of each module


*Develop English fluency – In-depth use of sentence construction according to the purpose.  Help learners understand the correct usage of grammar Implementation while writing and speaking.

*Emphasis on conversation skills – enable learners to speak fluently within a very short span of time. 

Effective result-oriented coaching with activities like role play, daily life conversations, situational conversations, group discussions, story formations, vocabulary building, framing questions, using phrases.

STAGE 3  :

English language Proficiency and its fluency depends on so many factors. To name a few ;

your current level of English, the level of English you require, languages you already know, the effort taken and how much you practice, language learning skill, etc.

Hence to sustain the hard work done in learning the basic language at stage 2 – we introduce Stage 3 as a continued learning experience by giving the learners ample opportunities to practice the skills both online and offline by way of making them participate in discussion forums, webinars, English speaking clubs, interactive program sessions conducted by NGOs and empowerment organizations.

This course is meant for students, homemakers, apprentices, businessmen, and in general all learners who have a strong passion for learning the English language.


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